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Gigabit Ethernet Converter for Image Sensors

IP Engine Component | Sensors | GigE Vision® Benefits | Request for quote


This IP engine component is the ideal solution for reliability converting your image sensor data to the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol (GigE) and GigE Vision®. GigE Vision® is a standard Internet Protocol (IP) for video transport that provides many benefits. Our solution provides low latency, support for compressed and uncompressed video, interoperability with existing equipment, and transmission from one location to many (known as multicast).

In many designs, your image sensor is used to make instantaneous decisions for your application. This typically requires the close proximity of embedded custom FPGA’s and other complex circuitry. In addition, any ability for remote live viewing this data, or video, or both from this sensor is not easily achieved.

Our solution allows extremely high reliable transmission of data with low latency for processing at a single or multiple standard computers in your network. In addition, you have the ability to view this data or video (compressed and uncompressed) with full multicast support. Video signals can be sent simultaneously to multiple groups. In the cases where more bandwidth is required, multiple connection configurations are possible so you are not limited to 1 Gb/s (1000Mbps).

Typical sensors for integration with our IP engine component include:


IP Engine Component

GigE convertor

  • FPGA Intellectual Property (FIP) - Provides access to iPORT's industry-leading performance and reliability, for building boards to your own processes and specs.
  • Display IP Engines - Display of GigE Vision-compliant video streams on HDMI or DVI monitors. This can be customized for a range of video formats and display specifications.
  • EtherCast IP Engines – Used for transport of DVB-ASI and/or SD-SDI over GigE links.

Example of GigE solution for X-Ray application

GigE converter in X-Ray appliication


GigE Vision® Benefits

GigE to Image

  • High bandwidth (1000 Mbps) allows large uncompressed images to be transferred quickly in real time
  • Uncompromised data transfer up to 100 meters in length
  • Standard gigabit Ethernet hardware allows single/multiple camera connection to single/multiple computers
  • Low cost cables (CAT5e or CAT6) and standard connectors
  • Highly scalable to follow the growth of Ethernet bandwidth. As 10GigE becomes mainstream, GigE Vision® will be the fastest connection in the industry
  • Standard hardware, cables allow easy, low cost integration


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